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Kerala's Health Facilities

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Hospitals Districtwise


Maproulette for National Hospital Directory with Geo Code is given below
Description:This can be processed using the Local Knowledge.
MR Link- Hospitals in Kerala:

RMSI have added 596 hospitals and 159 hospitals were hard to verify the location of the OGD data.

Health Centres

Maproulette for All India Health Centres Directory is given below
Description: All the Community Health Centres, Primary Health Centres, District Hospitals, Taluk Hospitals, Subcentres etc.. government related Health Centres have been included into this challenge.
MR Link- Health centres in Kerala, India :


  • One Sub-centre with one Health worker (male and female) for every 5000 population (3000 in Tribal and Hilly area).
  • One PHC for every 30000 population (20000 population in Tribal and Hilly area)
  • One CHC / upgraded PHC for every 80000 – 1.20 lakh population with 30 beds (with specified service in medicine, surgery, pediatrics, gynecology and obstetrics and public health)



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