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Provides a link to Wikipedia's article about the brand of the feature. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: annotations
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Status: de facto

Human readable link to Wikipedia's article about the brand of the feature.


brand:wikipedia=en:Giant Bicycles

Comparison with other tags

brand:wikidata=* is a related tag in the sense that it too adds a common machine readable identifier; it provides a code that is more likely to be stable in the long term but it has the drawback of not being human readable and not providing information on the brand directly. There may be special support to display brand:wikidata=* tag in more readable form, but it requires access to the Wikidata database to get data (e.g., via for brand=Giant).

There is also wikipedia=*, which can be used to provide a link to Wikipedia's article about the specific feature. This however, should only be used in cases where the Wikipedia article is specifically about the mapped feature. For example adding wikipedia=en:Tree is never correct as it is not an article about any specific tree, whereas wikipedia=en:Gilwell Oak is correct for the one oak known as Gilwell Oak.

In the same way adding wikipedia=en:Walmart to a Walmart supermarket is not correct, because it is not an article about a specific supermarket. In cases where you want to add a link to the Wikipedia page for a Walmart branch, using brand:wikipedia=en:Walmart is correct.

See Key:wikipedia#Secondary_Wikipedia_links for more info.

Tag introduction and decline

From about a 3-year period from 2018-2021, brand:wikipedia=* was automatically added by iD via the Name Suggestion Index to POIs added by mappers, after which this behavior was discontinued. During this timeframe, 1.3 million brand:wikipedia=* objects were added globally. Since this behavior was removed, brand:wikipedia=* has been on a slow decline, as shown in taginfo. In 2024, this tag was proposed for removal in the United States.