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The compensation you receive for making a donation Edit or translate this description.
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A key for specifying whether you receive a compensation for making a donation. The type of compensation can be mapped with subkeys.

Used by healthcare=blood_donation but can be applied to other things as well.


Key Value Description Photo
donation:compensation no You get no compensation for your donation.
donation:compensation yes You get a compensation for donating (use the subkey below if you know the type of compensation).
If yes, tag the type of compensation as well if you know it
You can use more than one of these to tag all possible compensations you can receive. If one is given, others are implied to be no[1].
donation:compensation:payment yes You get paid for each donation, either at the time of donation or after a certain amount of donations.
donation:compensation:vouchers yes You get one or more vouchers for every donation. Those can be either vouchers for fun rewards at the donation venue itself, or coupons for local businesses. Thank-you-vouchers.jpg

  1. So donation:compensation:vouchers=yes implies donation:compensation:payment=no. There's no need to explicitly add the latter.