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Public-images-osm logo.svg HU:hu-go:length
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Length of the toll road section, in metres. Used for the Hungarian road toll system for vans and trucks. Edit or translate this description.
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Hungary has launched a use-proportional road toll system for vans and trucks over 3.5 tons in 2013. The exact rules can be found in the law text (Nemzeti fejlesztési miniszter 25/2013. (V. 31.) számú rendelete). Appendix 1 enumerates the toll road sections.


The value of HU:hu-go:length is the length of the section (in metres) with respect to road toll payment, assigned by the above law. This number does not necessarily match the difference between the start and the end road sessions, neither does it match the physical distance between these two points. (This is why it is not enabled for way elements.) The section length not only determines the toll to be paid but various rules of section ticket purchasing depend on it.

If this key is used on relations, the relation usually refers to the ref:HU:edid key that identifies the section.


National Toll Payment Plc issues a map of the toll sections, as an appendix to the law. This map is inaccurate in many cases, it is often obsolete, and it has completely wrong geometry or topology at some places. Due to these problems, there is no OSM way created and attached to these data.