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Public-images-osm logo.svg HU:hu-go:milestone
Kilometre session of the toll road section. Used for the Hungarian road toll system for vans and trucks. Show/edit corresponding data item.
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Hungary has launched a use-proportional road toll system for vans and trucks over 3.5 tons in 2013. The exact rules can be found in the law text (Nemzeti fejlesztési miniszter 25/2013. (V. 31.) számú rendelete). Appendix 1 enumerates the toll road sections.


HU:hu-go:milestone contains the kilometre session of the toll road with regards to toll payments, in km + m format (like „120 + 31”). Leading zeros are generally not used but it may appear (like in “47 + 077” for 381u47k077m).

It is typical for new bypasses that segments are not re-numbered therefore values over 1000 are present for the metre part (like “44u125k2983m”).