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Public-images-osm logo.svg bicycle:type
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Used to define the kind of bicycle or cycling of the main feature Edit or translate this description.
Group: Bicycles
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The key bicycle:type=* is added to a shop=* feature to specify the types of bicycles and related products sold or serviced at the shop.

Sometimes it is added to a route=bicycle relation to specify the main cycling usage of the route, but:

Caution: the difference between types of bicycle routes are usually not verifiable. Database users should not expect a consistent meaning for routes with this tag.

Common values:

bicycle:type=utility Utility cycling, urban cycling, commuting, every day cycling for every day life, common in urban areas.
bicycle:type=trekking Trekking cycling, recreational or tourism cycling.
bicycle:type=electric e-bike, partially powered by an electric motor and battery, but also by pedals
bicycle:type=mtb mountain bike
bicycle:type=logistics transport bike

Values are open, multiple values is possible separated with ';'.

See also

  • route=mtb - more commonly used to specify a mountain-bike route
  • route=bicycle - for general bicycle routes