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The population of a given China place.
Group: Places
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Each direct-administered municipality (直辖市), prefectural-level municipality (地级市), and county-level municipality (县级市) in the People's Republic of China has been mapped as a place=city POI, even if only a small portion of the municipality is urbanized. The population=* tag contains the municipality's total population, including both urban and rural populations. The openstreetmap-carto renderer and possibly other renderers rely on population=* to determine the size of a place label and the zoom levels at which it appears, assuming that a place POI only represents an urban population center. Due to this mismatch in expectations, some municipalities' labels appear abnormally large at too-low zoom levels.

As a workaround, some mappers have replaced population=* with china_population=*, hiding the population from these renderers, on any place=* POI that represents an administrative region at the county level and below. See this proposal for the full rationale. This key has been controversial among software developers and mappers outside of China.

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