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Proposal status: Abandoned (inactive)
Proposed by: Hawkeyes
Tagging: cover=[[Tag:cover=<text><numeric>|<text><numeric>]]
Applies to: Area, Way, Node
Definition: plant cover value

Draft started:
Proposed on: 2011-06-09

Recording Plant Cover Values

If tagging an area, way or node there may be reasons to record the cover=* value of different species within an area. Presented below is a method for recording plant cover within a given area e.g. a wood or marsh.

Percentage cover is usually recorded by using a quadrat or measuring out a specific area and then estimating by eye the coverage of different species within that area. Note: Remember that percentage cover can add up to over 100% because there are multiple layers/canopies within a habitat.

Possible text values

Vegetation coverage
Value Percent of coverage Comment
sparse 1 to (10-20) The distance between two perimeters of a Life Form is more than twice the average perimeter diameter.
open (10-20) to (60-70) Trees and Shrubs: the crowns are usually not interlocking
closed more than (60-70) Trees or Shrubs has crowns interlocking or touching.
The values relate to the Land Cover Classification System (LCCS) by FAO