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Colour associated with the destinations on destination signs. Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
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Status: de facto

The key destination:colour=* describes the colour associated with a specific destination on a destination sign. Depending on the country and context, this may be the background colour around the destination name or a colour swatch next to it, or it may be the background colour of the entire destination sign. Colour-coded destinations can allow travellers to find their way without reading the signs in detail. This key can be combined with the :lanes suffix as well as :forward/:backward as needed.

You do not need to explicitly tag link roads with destination:colour=* to indicate that the destination sign's overall background color is the normal color for destination signs according to local regulations (for example, blue on German Autobahnen, green on American roads or Italian autostrade, or white on Italian urban streets). Data consumers that render destination signs should infer these default colors, just as they would infer the local standard typeface and layout.


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Notes and references

  1. At this airport, exit signs have the same background color as the destination terminal, but through lanes' signs have the standard green background of any destination sign. The signs' background colors matter less than the destinations' color swatches.
  2. The blue background is the default on German highways and does not need to be tagged explicitly.
  3. The green background is the default on Italian highways and does not need to be tagged explicitly.