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This page aims to document categories of health facilities specific to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

As this value list is currently under discussion (as of June 2020), please check the French version for the most recent edits.


Value Description
health_facility:CD=ch Centre hospitalier
health_facility:CD=clin Clinique, polyclinique
health_facility:CD=cm Centre médical, centre médico-chirurgical, institut médical
health_facility:CD=cs Centre de santé
health_facility:CD=csr Centre de santé de référence
health_facility:CD=disp Dispensaire
health_facility:CD=hgp Hôpital général provincial
health_facility:CD=hgr Hôpital général de référence
health_facility:CD=ps Poste de santé
health_facility:CD=ssc Site de soin communautaire
health_facility:CD=tradi Tradipraticien

More details about what these values entail can be found on Congo-Kinshasa/Conventions/Santé#Formations_sanitaires (in French).