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maximum allowed weight per bogie (tandem axle group) Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
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The maximum allowed weight per bogie (tandem axle group).


Add the tag to a way or area (typically a bridge).

If a unit is not specified, the value is assumed to be in tonnes (British English, 'metric tons' in American English). In the United States, the weight given on signs is either in short tons (abbreviated as either "tons" or "T") or pounds (abbreviated "lbs"). You must explicitly specify the unit if it is not in metric tonnes. See page Units for possible units and format.

There isn't currently an established way of distinguishing between tandem and tri axle groups, a distinction made in Romania and some U.S. states.[1]

In some regions, such as Switzerland and Ohio,[2] closely spaced axles are considered a bogie (axle group) for the purpose of per-bogie weight restrictions. There isn't currently an established way to indicate the distance between axles that is considered an axle group.


United States


This is a restriction per axle in tandem, not per tandem axle group:

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