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A place where voters cast their ballots in elections Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
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A polling station or polling place is a place where voters cast their ballots in elections.

polling_station=* is being used either as the main tag indicating a polling station instead of amenity=polling_station (because these are often sharing an object with something which is primarily amenity=community_centre/school/etc)

...or this may be used alongside amenity=polling_station perhaps indicating the type of polling station, except polling_station=ballot_box appears to be the only popular type so far.


polling_station=no - Be aware that "no" is being used quite a lot, presumably indicating that something (which was perhaps previously a polling station) is not a polling station.


As per the proposal Proposed features/polling station quite a few people are putting the election year as the tag value, indicating that this is confirmed to be a polling station at a forthcoming election, or was used a polling station at a previous election. This offers an approach to tackle the changing nature of polling stations from one election to another.

An object which is no longer going to be polling station should have this tag removed or set to "no".