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A place where one can cast a ballot. Edit or translate this description.
Group: Amenities
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A polling station is a place where people vote, i.e. where ballots are cast. It can be a room in a building where voter registrations are checked, ballots are provided and voting machines & a ballot box are available, or merely a locked box where mail-in ballots can be deposited, or something in between.

Note that this kind of object - even if appearing at every election in the same place - is tricky to verify as it is typically present only just at election times.

How to Map

Add a node to mark the location; if a whole building is used, it can be tagged instead.

Tags to use in combination

Shared-use buildings. Alternative tagging

Very often polling stations are temporarily located in a building which is primarily a community centre or school. To avoid a clash of tags on the building, this amenity=polling_station tag might be placed inside the building on a separate node, but alternatively many mappers are using polling_station=* instead of this tag.


Permanent ballot drop box in Anacortes, WA