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To indicate if an amenity offers a drive-through service. Edit or translate this description.
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drive_through=* - this key is used to indicate whether an amenity or shop offers drive-through (also known as drive-thru or drive up) service, it is possible to use it without leaving your vehicle.

Things that often have drive-through service include pharmacies, banks, ATMs, fast food outlets, post boxes and bottle shops.

See also Wikipedia:Drive-thru

Note this is different from a drive in, when you park your vehicle. For that, see drive_in=*.


Tag the amenity as drive_through=yes if if offers drive-through service.

If mapping the road past the drive-through, this can be tagged as highway=service and service=drive-through.

Useful combinations

  • amenity=pharmacy - A shop where a pharmacist sells medications
  • amenity=bank - A financial establishment where customers can, among other services, deposit money and take loans.
  • amenity=atm - A device that provides the clients of a financial institution with access to financial transactions.
  • amenity=fast_food - A place concentrating on very fast counter-only service and take-away food.
  • amenity=post_box - A box to deposit outgoing postal items.
  • shop=alcohol - A shop selling alcoholic drinks


Possible tagging mistakes

If you know places with this tag, verify if it could be tagged with another tag.
Automated edits are strongly discouraged unless you really know what you are doing!

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