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Describes when the drive through at fast food restaurant, bank, or other establishment is open. There is a specific standard format for this data. Edit or translate this description.
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The time when the drive through is open. Outside of these hours, it is expected that the drive through is unavailable for use. It is common for fast food places, banks, and other establishments that have both drive through service and walk-in service to close the lobby earlier than the drive through. It is necessary to tag the opening hours for the drive through separately in these cases.


Note that this wiki page was originally created to document this tag based on taginfo usage. We know of no previous proposal or other widespread discussion, but do correct this paragraph if there has been one.

Basic example

opening_hours=Mo-Fr 10:00-21:00

opening_hours:drive_through=Mo-Fr 10:00-23:00

Opening hours are from 10am to 9pm but the drive through is open later until 11pm.

See also

  • opening_hours=* - to specify the opening hours of the venue, the same syntax should be used here
  • drive_through=* = to specify whether or not a location has a drive through