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ID for an entity in Denmark's Central Business Register (CVR) Edit this description in the wiki page. Edit this description in the data item.
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This key references a Danish business by its CVR number (or CVR ID) in Denmark's Central Business Register (CVR), the official database of Danish businesses.

The CVR number is issued to businesses, organizations and other entities by the Danish Business Authority.

Multiple shop branches can be operated by a business under the same CVR number, but each branch will have its own unique production unit ID (pnummer) mapped as ref:DK:cvr:pnummer=*.

See also

  • ref:DK:cvr:pnummer=* for the production unit ID associated with the CVR ID of this branch
  • fvst:navnelbnr=* for the food administration ID issued to a CVR/pnummer combination
  • fvst:name=* for the name registered to the food administration ID, if different from name=*