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European unique codification of electric vehicles charging stations and devices Edit or translate this description.
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EVSE stands for Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment and refers to any device intended to provide electricity to charge designated vehicles.
In European countries, they got unique continental identifiers which ease data exchange and rich value services. They are delivered by national codification offices and those references are often available in official datasets. Add them in OSM brings ability to link with those external datasets.
eMi³ standard defines which format this identifiers should follow (surely related to 2014/94/EU directive).

This page has been completed upon free information gathered online without any support of a particular operator. We don't pretend to reproduce the internal information model of a particular operator but only to propose a consistent and reliable documentation as to enable a independant and responsible contribution to OSM.


The whole standard doesn't apply on OSM. We only use identifiers for stations and equipments which are the only physical features we can map.

Important remark: Standard and format use the * separator in different identifiers fields as to ease human reading and encourage to don't use it in digital or automated exchanges. Nevertheless, many files available online display the separator. This point has to be took with caution.

Charging pools

Charging pools are facilities where you find several charging devices and they got an identifier which have the following scheme:

  • Country code
  • National operator code
  • P for Pool, it's a charging place
  • National station code, unique in the country mentionned by the country code
Exemple : FR*M13*P13029*001
* FR : Country code, here France
* M13 : National operator code
* P : Pool prefix stating it's a charging station
* 13029*001 : National unique station code

Charging devices

Inside a given place, you'll find charging equipments. They got identifiers which have the following scheme as well:

  • Country code
  • National operator code
  • E for EVSE, it's a charging device
  • National equipment code, unique in the country mentionned by the country code
Exemple : FR*M13*E13055*001*2
* FR : Country code, here France
* M13 : National operator code
* E : EVSE prefix stating it's a charging device
* 13055*001*2 : National unique device code


Feel free to add examples (more to come with the beginning of a national community project in France)