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Reference a library by ISIL Show/edit corresponding data item.
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This key references a library by its  International Standard Identifier for Libraries and Related Organisations (ISIL). In most cases the library is also tagged with amenity=library but you can also tag bus stops (highway=bus_stop) and bus routes of library busses (type=route+route=bus, see Relation:route).

The ISIL is an international standard (ISO 15511) to uniquely identify libraries. Using the ISIL you can automatically fetch official information (Name, URL, opening hours etc.) of a library from other library databases and link library catalogs with OSM.

Where to find the ISIL

The ISIL Registration Authority hosts a list of national or institutional ISIL agencies. Libraries and library organizations have to contact their national agency to get an ISIL standard identifier.

Country Website
Australia National Library of Australia Search
Canada Library and Archives Canada Search
Denmark Danish Library Numbers, Slots- og Kulturstyrelsen (lists: public libraries, research libraries)
France Répertoire des centres de ressources du SUDOC, Agence Bibliographique de l'Enseignement Supérieur

(find the "Numéro RCR" and prefix it with "FR-" to get the ISIL ;

Caveat: In France, a library does not necessarily have an "RCR id", and having one does not imply it has an "ISIL id". Only by being registered with the SUDOC-ABES does it get an ISIL)

Germany Staatsbibliothek Berlin Sigelverzeichnis
Norway Directory of Norwegian Libraries and their ILL Associates Abroad
United Kingdom British Library list in PDF or csv format
USA Library of Congress MARC Code List database

If you know that your Library has no ISIL, please tag the library with ref:isil=none. However the libraries could later get an ISIL!