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Reference to the Swedish National Heritage Board’s Archaeological Sites and Monuments System, FMIS. Edit or translate this description.
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Reference to an object in the Swedish National Heritage Board’s Archaeological Sites and Monuments System. The Archaeological Sites and Monuments System is a database that contains information about more than 1 million objects at more than half a million sites.


The tag is currently (2018) mainly used in two ways.

  • With the object identity, which is a number.
  • With the RAÄ-number, which is a text string.

Using the object identity has the advantage that it makes it possible to link directly to the permanent link to the object in the database, for example where 12000000187553 is the object identity.


After mapping in areas areas where you find objects like for example grave mounds, rune stones or petroglyphs, and also older buildings like churches you can look up the objects in the Swedish National Heritage Board’s web service Fornsök (only available in Swedish).

From there you can find the object identity and add it to the ref:raa tag.

In Fornsök you can browse an interactive map and look up the objects of interest. There you can also find more information, like for example archaeological papers etc.

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