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For designation of store numbers for outlets of the Wawa franchise Edit or translate this description.
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According to Wikipedia, Wawa is "a chain of convenience store/gas stations located along the East Coast of the United States." According to the company's website, Wawa "employs 18,000 associates throughout portions of New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and Virginia."

The key ref:wawa=* element was created to assist in recording store numbers which are available via survey, relying upon information on purchase receipts. As of the creation of this page, there were only four uses of the key, created immediately prior to page creation. TagInfo indicates that there are 197 instances of use for the value "Wawa" as of 13 April 2013, while Wikipedia indicates >590 locations for the chain. The Wikimedia Commons image provided with this article is a map of Wawa locations as of 25 June 2011.


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