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Public-images-osm logo.svg roof:material
Outer material for the building roof. Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: buildings
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Status: de facto

roof:material=* – the outermost material of the roof of a building or building part.

This information can be used to model 3D buildings.
Some 3D renderers set the colour of a building based on this tag[1].


Value Example image Short description Count
roof_tiles Syke Baugebiet Sulinger Straße 04.JPG Roof covered with tiles, usually of ceramic origin (e.g. terracota). See  Roof tiles.
metal Acquinton Church post-restoration.jpg Roof covered with metal, flat or waved (corrugated).
Similar values: metal_sheet, tin, copper. See  metal roof and  Corrugated galvanised iron
concrete Grey in grey.JPG
Auditório Simón Bolívar 02.jpg
Garching Forschungszentrum, U-Bahnhof, Zugang, 2.jpeg
Roof covered with exposed concrete.
tar_paper Rooftar.png Roof covered with tar paper.
asbestos Asbest leien - Asbestos Roof Shingles.jpg
Wellasbestdach-233-3354 IMG.JPG
Roof covered with  asbestos cement corrugated sheeting.
This is an inaccurate term, better to use eternit. The coverings are not built with asbestos itself, but with eternit, which is composed of 90% cement and 10%  asbestos.
eternit Eternit 5.jpg
Wellasbestdach-233-3354 IMG.JPG
 Eternit – the trade name for asbestos‑cement panels
glass Otara Town Centre Arched Roofing.jpg
LUX Esch-Alzette Belval 006 2016.jpg
Exconvent de la Mercé, Burriana 18.JPG
Roof covered with glass.
acrylic_glass Olympic Roof Munich, April 2019.jpg Roof covered with  acrylic glass.
metal_sheet Corrugated rusty roof 1.jpg
Centro Warwick roof equipment.jpg
metal sheet, flat or corrugated
slate St Fagans Tannery 7.jpg
Slate roof at St Beuno's Church, Trefdraeth, nr Bodorgan, Ynys Mon, Wales. 12.jpg
Roof covered with slate, a kind of thin stone plates.
tin Tin Roof (261069163).jpg  Tin
grass Is03071-Tjornuvik.jpg Roof covered with living grass (or similar plants), sealed below. See  Green roof.
copper Curoofhecksherjeh.JPG
Minneapolis City Hall.jpg
Copper-plated roof.
When it comes in contact with air, it becomes covered with  patina and takes on a celadon or patina color. See  Copper in architecture.
thatch Nawojowa Gora.JPG Thatched roof made from dry grasses, sedges or reeds.
gravel Garde corps autoportant aluminium versirail 2.jpg Roof covered with gravel.
stone Beynac-et-Cazenac (247).jpg
Stone Roofing House - Palchan - Kullu 2014-05-10 2507.JPG
Roof covered with stone.
See also: slate
wood Skansen Kolbuszowa kuźnia ze Staniszewskiego 03.09.2010 p.jpg Roof covered with wood.
plastic Dolní Břežany, autobusová zastávka.JPG
Piscine Moulin-Haut.jpg
Roof covered with plastic, corrugated or not.
asphalt Flat roof roofing.JPG Roof covered with asphalt, but not tar_paper.
See also tar_paper. Asphalt is the ingredient used to make tar paper.
asphalt_shingle Song bird perched on asphalt shingle roof.JPG Roof covered with  asphalt shingles. Available in many different styles and colors, asphalt shingles are extremely common in North America.
zinc Fameux toits en zinc de Paris.jpg  Zinc
sandstone Vaaker Kirche 5.jpg sandstone
bamboo Konstruksi bambu.jpg Roof covered with bamboo, usually plaited.
palm_leaves Palm roof over chariots.jpg Roof covered with dry palm leaves.
banana_leaves Njem house in Cameroon.jpg banana leaves
solar_panels SoSie+SoSchiff Ansicht.jpg Roof fully covered with solar panels.

Rooftop solar panels are more commonly mapped as a generator with location=roof, see Tag:generator:source=solar#Rooftop Solar Panels. If the roof is only mostly covered with solar panels (some other material is still visible underneath), use that other material as roof:material=* and map the panels as a generator.

titanium Guggenheim detail.jpg  Titanium
user defined See Taginfo for all common values.
In some cases values from building:material=* can be also used, because roof:material is used also with building parts.

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If you know places with this tag, verify if it could be tagged with another tag.
Automated edits are strongly discouraged unless you really know what you are doing!