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Orientation of the roof Edit or translate this description.
Group: Buildings
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The orientation of the roof of a building or building part. Mostly used for 3D tagging.

For roofs with a ridge, the ridge should be assumed to be parallel to the longest side of the building roof:orientation=along. But it can be tagged explicitly with this tag. Note, however, that the interpretation differs between different 3D rendering applications.[1] switched in 2021 from this interpretation and now defaults to roof:orientation=across.


roof:orientation=* description example roof
roof:orientation=along roof ridge along the longest side of the building.

This should the default, as most detached buildings are built that way.

2014 Obercarsdorf Dorfstraße 24.jpg
roof:orientation=across roof ridge across the longest side of the building.

Sometimes found in narrow buildings, building=terrace or building:part=*.

Example picture shows a roofed sign post,

Wanderwegweiser an der Talsperrenmauer Malter.jpg

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