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Public-images-osm logo.svg species:wikidata
The ID of the Wikidata item about the feature's species (intended for plants, like trees, or animals in a zoo). Edit or translate this description.
Group: Annotation
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Status: de facto

The species:wikidata=* tag is a machine-readable form of species=*. The value must be the Wikidata ID of an item that is representing a plant taxon (typically it will be instance of (P31) Taxon (Q16521)).

It should be used for plants that do not have their own Wikidata item and are not relevant enough to justify their own Wikidata item. Instead of creating a Wikidata item for those plants, add the species:wikidata=* tag to the OSM object with the Wikidata ID of the relevant taxon as value.

This tag may also be used for attraction=animal.

Please also add the species=* tag to these OSM objects, this key is not intended as a replacement for species=*, rather as a supplement to uniquely identify a species.

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