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Date of last time the feature was surveyed Edit or translate this description.
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The key survey:date=* can be used to indicate the date when a node, way or relation was last surveyed or verified in person.

The date should be specified using the ISO 8601 standard. This standard specifies that date must follow the order year → month → day, separated by hyphen (-), such as 1990-12-24 for the 24th day of December in 1990 or 2022-02-02 for the 2nd day of February in 2022. If the exact date is not known or required, yyyy-mm or yyyy is used.

This key should only be used when providing the survey date would be of some value to the OSM community, for example the survey date of a hiking route, which is helpful to estimate the chance of it still being reasonably reliable.


Used on objects, survey:date=* does not allow to specify which attributes have been surveyed. It implies that all properties of the object have been surveyed (tags, position, area), but there is no guarantee that this is actually the case. When used as a changeset tags, survey:date=* only attests that changes come from a specific survey date. Metadata tags like survey:date=* run the risk to not be updated when another survey is done on the object.

For those reasons, using changeset tags should be considered as an alternative to survey:date=* on objects.

See Also

  • start_date=* to indicate the date when the feature was physically founded or opened or when its construction officially finished
  • source=* to indicate through which means the object's information was acquired (especially useful when the source's quality is uncertain)
  • note=* to create a note to yourself and other mappers
  • fixme=* to mark objects and places that need further attention
  • check_date=* similar but more general tag, does not specify that the information was checked by survey
  • Changeset tags