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Angular position of a vineyard row Edit or translate this description.
Group: Agriculture
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Describes a geometric angle orientation for a vineyard row (line).

Row orientation choice

Row orientation choice depends, amongst other things, on sunlight distribution in a given region [1].

Trellis design

Trellis design, in terms of row orientation and geometry of vine support, and pruning practices can be tailored to optimize vine health, to protect grapes from frost, sunburn, and mildew damage, and to ensure even grape ripening.[2].

See also

  1. Vineyard Design and Layout, Row Orientation
  2. Weiss, S.B., D.C. Luth, and B. Guerra. 2003. Potential solar radiation in a VSP trellis at 38°N latitude. Practical Winery and Vineyard 25:16-27.