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Komap is Kothic MapCSS processor.

For now it features MapCSS to Mapnik stylesheet converter, based massively on Kothic's MapCSS style reader. It aims to support MapCSS/0.2 to up to the limits of what is possible in Mapnik and current toolchains.


  • no real support for cascading yet;
  • lines can't be filled with images;
  • no eval() support;


  • correct usage of layer=* tag (have a look at complex crossings);
  • workaround that glues a set of small ways with the same tags together - useful in places like St. Petersburg where original OSM mapnik is labelless;
  • labels on polygons are moved into polygons instead of being rendered somewhere outside;

WARNING: Rendering of labels is ugly in generate_tiles.py. Please do not use it, bug reports from its users will be rejected.