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Kothic is an abandoned project to create a MapCSS/0.2 python rendering engine. Development stopped while in an alpha stage, with lots of weird bugs and cool features inside.

There is JavaScript port of Kothic, called Kothic JS.

Project is hosted at https://github.com/kothic/kothic with last activity in 2015.


  • PostGIS database backend, building (hopefully) optimal SQL requests from MapCSS stylesheet;
  • vtile data backend, converting .osm files into a set of rendering-optimized vector tiles;
  • support for MapCSS eval();
  • PyGTK/cairo widget with background threaded rendering;
  • set of fetchers for TWMS, allowing Kothic to be served in tiles like mapnik or osmarender is.


Kothic-metrics7.png sample rendering of separate lanes based on lanes=*

Kothic-metrics6.png sample rendering of amenity=bench way as two extruded objects

Kothic-metrics3.png sample rendering of things respecting surface=*, width=* and building:levels=*

Kothic-kosmosnimki.png proof-of-concept 15-line stylesheet that resembles maps from kosmosnimki.ru at a first glance.