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Kontur is a geospatial data and real-time risk management solutions provider for humanitarian, private, and governmental organizations. Company utilizes a combination of data processing and innovative mapping technologies to provide visual, location-based insights. Read more about Kontur on Kontur website.

Using OpenStreetMap data

Kontur uses OpenStreetMap for its solutions such as Disaster Ninja, Dispatcher 112, Kontur Population dataset, Kontur Boundaries dataset. Different kinds of data are used, e.g. planet OSM extracts and tile usage statistics.

Editing OpenStreetMap data

Kontur uses and edits administrative boundaries,checks population tags and edits roads. Edits made by Kontur data team are accompanied by the hashtag #Kontur.

Tools and Data Sources

The team uses open-source tools mainly (such as JOSM and QGIS) and data sources that comply with the Open Database License to work with and make changes to OpenStreetMap data. Besides that several validators were developed to maintain the quality of OpenStreetMap data:
Population inconsistencies report
Population tag check report

Mapping team

Kontur mapping team includes:

aklopau_kontur (not active)


Kontur welcomes feedback and suggestions on improving our editing process. If you have any questions about our edits, feel free to contact us at osm@kontur.io or leave comments on our changesets. We will try to answer you within two business days.