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Krokimate is a work in progress windows program by Bahnpirat. Build with Category:C-SharpIt's purpose is to full automatically render a world wide map of power infrastructure:

  • download the current planet.osm and diff-files (status: finished)
  • merge, filter and cut them by using osmosis
  • using Maperitive to create tiles,
  • clean all the data from unused tiles and upload them to a server. (ftp)
  • automatic clean up it's directory if files no longer needed, like old diffs. (functions not included, but available)
  • run all in unintended full-automatic-mode.

Kroki originally comes from the french word "Croquis". "Mate" is the one with the helping hand if you in need. Also "Club Mate" is the tea-like drink used by the german Chaos Computer Club for keeping eyes open after midnight.

See also club-mate=yes (obsolete) or [1].