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A list of things to be reported back to LINZ about problems and errors in their dataset.

  • Look for "LINZ:merged=V16" tags for features in the LINZ upload which were melded with existing OSM data.
  • Look for the tag "LINZ:corrected=V16" for features where the LINZ data was just plain wrong, and correct them in OSM. (probably don't bother if you've just moved an object by a few metres, or used cartographer's license in a minor cleanup). If it needs explanation add it to the list below.
  • If the object simply is not there (anymore), delete it in OSM (don't worry, history is logged and nothing can't be undone), and add it to the list below.


  • The Bayswater Marina boatramp is 30m west of where the LINZ data shows it to be.
  • Beacon Perfume Point Napier is 40m north of where the LINZ data shows it to be.
Arrow points to LINZ co-ordinates,176.917643&sspn=0.0016,0.004128&ie=UTF8&ll=-39.479042,176.917538&spn=0.0016,0.004128&t=h&z=19
Beacon is on top of Yachting Control Tower
  • Tanks at the Port of Napier contents=tallow NOT water

Note there are more than two tanks however they could not be surveyed due to access restrictions

  • Tanks at the Napier Oil Storage Depot contents=fuel NOT water

Note a full survey to confirm specific contents and co-ordinates was not possible due to access restrictions

  • Apparently a velodrome not car racing:
  • Snares: Alert Stack, not Albert Stack - realigned using both Bing Aerial (adjusted at top and bottom of steps), and GPS traces.
Thanks for checking with GPS traces; Bing imagery is often out by >25m, do not trust it. Also you might check vs. where the latest nautical charts have it: NZ463, approx 41d36.7263'S, 175d17.4150'E. --HB
  • ...


  • Deleted a boat ramp which is no longer there. (river bank erosion?)
satellite image taken when it was still there:,176.920411&spn=0.002886,0.003739&z=18
-- Reported by dinarrow
  • Landuse change from Orchard to Residential Development
  • Delete a water reservoir which has been replaced by a house (noticed on the ground)
-- Reported by OllyBetts
  • Schools in Wainuiomata that closed c. 2002 and since have been cleared.
  • Two rectangular cemeteries west of Kawhia (30km south of Raglan) given in the LINZ data don't seem to exist. Non-obvious place for them, but perhaps they are historic? I don't see anything about them in the council's website, so not active anyway and no sign of them in Bing imagery. Uploaded as "boundary=cemetery" with a fixme tag.
  • Three dubious cemetery_poly NE, E, and SE of Methven. Changed to boundary=cemetery and added fixme=verify tags.
  • In the process of uploading grave_yard points, this weird one came up in Lower Hutt - there doesn't seem to be a graveyard there at all? I'm not quite sure of the process to correct this data so I've left it in at the moment.
-- Reported by Howdystranger (talk) 09:22, 12 August 2014 (UTC)


  • Lake split in two: (artifact also seen in 1:50k series topo map)
  • ...