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For information on the Austrian city, please see Linz Austria.

LINZ (Land Information New Zealand) is the NZ government department which is responsible for creating and holding information concerning land ownership. They have data for all of New Zealand's roads, released under a license which is compatible with that of OSM. They also maintain data on other features, which is of interest to OSM. Work on incorporating this data is also underway.

Please see the New Zealand data import projects wiki page for general information on all imports. It is envisioned that the LINZ data import project will grow to encompass all bulk imports for New Zealand data.

This data will be used within Openstreetmap and provide a very high level of detail/completeness for the whole of New Zealand.

Status @ March 2021

The original linz2osm project is no longer active, although the list of imported datasets is still available from the web-app.

There are two ongoing proposals to continue the import of data from LINZ:

Status @ June 2014

  • Stephen @ Koordinates has been working on a revamped and expanded version of the linz2osm web app (code avail on github), which includes workslice checkouts and better tracking than the personal text blurbs and wiki table we had been using on the past. Go Stephen!
The workslice check-out and check-off system is now working well, and the next major task is the tagging of the cleaned-up NZOpenGPS road data, which has now been loaded into the PostGIS database on the LINZ2OSM server.
We've come a long way re-approving the standardized object tagging, and are busy starting to upload the data.
  • We've made it ~ 40% of the way through uploading the mainland layers.
  • Permission has been granted by LINZ to continue uploading using the ODbL license
    • Some people are still worried/concerned about the new license so may not be motivated to continue. We're exploring methods to allow our pre-upload extracts to be fed into the FOSM and CommonMap forks with minimal duplication of effort.
  • Offshore island data is now available through linz2osm for the Antipodes, Auckland, Bounty, Campbell, Kermadec, and Snares archipelagos, as well as the Ross Dependency in Antarctica.
The Auckland, Bounty, Antipodes, Kermadec, and Snares Islands are now fully uploaded.
The JOSM Validator plugin is a good place to start.

Data License


Attribuition is via an attribution tag and a source ref in all uploads that links to the OSM Contributors page.

"Contains data sourced from Land Information New Zealand. Crown Copyright reserved. Land Information New Zealand gives no warranty in relation to the data, including its accuracy, reliability and suitability and accepts no liability whatsoever in relation to any loss, damage or other costs relating to the use of any data, any compilations, derivative works or modifications of the data".

Official Approval Granted

LINZ has given their express permission to use the LINZ data orignally in 2008 and again in 2011 under the new ODbL:

2008-03-18: LINZ gave their consent to include, modify and derive LINZ data in OSM with suitable attribution.

"Apologies for the delay - after gaining advice from our legal team we have concluded that you are able to use the information providing that you use the following clause for inclusion with the data that is supplied:

"Contains data sourced from Land Information New Zealand. Crown Copyright reserved. Land Information New Zealand gives no warranty in relation to the data, including its accuracy, reliability and suitability and accepts no liability whatsoever in relation to any loss, damage or other costs relating to the use of any data, any compilations, derivative works or modifications of the data"

2011-08-23: LINZ gave their consent to use the new licensing terms:

Further to my phone call yesterday, this email is to confirm that LINZ gives permission to re-license our LDS CC-by data under OSM’s new terms and licences for the purposes of third parties wishing to contribute to the OSM database.

2018-05: LINZ completed the OpenStreetMap Foundation's official waiver for use of CC BY data in OpenStreetMap. File:LINZ OSM-CC-4.0 waiver.pdf

Import Process

linz2osm Tool

You can view progress on the linz2osm site:

Development has centred around the linz2osm tool which is currently under heavey development to allow for the remaining mainland layers to be easily uploaded and merged into OSM. The basic process is:

  • Raw LINZ shapefile data from the LINZ Data Service has been loaded into a PostGIS database
  • LINZ->OSM tagging and export is done via the online LINZ-2-OSM web app.
  • The user can 'check out' a slice of work (eg. 100 features from 1 layer).
  • The user gets a .osm file from the web app and saves it locally
  • The .osm file is imported into JOSM or Merkaartor.
  • The layer for import is checked with the JOSM Validator plugin
  • Data is merged, de-duped and cleaned as needed.
  • The layer is uploaded to OSM

Getting Access to linz2osm

We have various tasks to be done from coding to design to tag mapping and uploading.

For the source (GPL) and issue tracker, head to

Importing Data

See the LINZ/Howto wiki page for some tips on getting started. Specific import tips will be listed there.

  • Each user must have their own specific LINZ Data uploading account. Name this account [normal osm name]_linz and add it to the list below.

List of Import Accounts

User Account Real Name
LINZ Data Upload Common upload account
(often will be Hamish, Glen, or Stephen)
barnaclebarnes_linz Glen Barnes
jaysonhoogy_linz Jayson Hoogeveen
howdystranger_LINZ Harry Chapman
EliotB_linz Eliot Blennerhassett
linz_robA Rob Alley
gaddman_linz Chris Gadd
your_acct_here_linz Your name here

You might also go to the user pages and make the LINZ Data Upload user a friend.

Key Wiki Pages

Some pages that you really should read to understand the whole process. We are currently doing some wiki gardening to clean all of this up.


Comparison maps

  • Reuben's NZTopoMaps site has a Google Maps mashup with a LINZ 1:50k paper topo maps overlay. These are essentially the same data as we are importing from LINZ.
  • Gavin's similarly named NZ Topo Map is another mashup which includes both the LINZ 1:50k and the 1:250k topo map overlays.
  • Joe Richard's old dev server had a nice comparorator, but it's currently only mostly functional.

QA maps


Historial Method/Test Import

User:JoeRichards Pioneered the conversion of LINZ data to OSM. See the LINZ Trial Import wiki page. (current method used by JR is LINZ → .mp → .osm)

Key people

This list is in progress. Feel free to add yourself, e.g. for any particular area, even as an expert for a particular geographic zone (for checking merging)

  • User:Rcoup - Linz2osm tool, dev servers
  • User:Sdk - Linz2osm tool
  • User:JoeRichards - the script itself, dev server for map comparison (OSM vs import)
  • Graeme Williams - NZOGPS founder, knows a lot about what data is there and what "value-added" bits are present. Also MP (polish map format) and Garmin codes.
  • Sam Giffney - Zenbu founder & NZOGPS mapper, managed merge of new LINZ data to NZOGPS and added numbering, well practiced with MP data and written various scripts to manage it
  • User:Hamish - available as a general dogsbody to help with code & technical problems. Experienced with bulk editing massive files, mostly work in Bourne shell and C but passably multilingual with most UNIXy systems. On the software side pretty good with GDAL/OGR, PROJ.4, and GRASS GIS tools.
  • rcr - available where required. Helped out with coastline and border imports in other countries. Currently spend a lot of time manually fixing invalid data like unconnected or crossing ways in the existing data so don't mind long tedious JOSM sessions.
  • myfanwy - i'm keen to help wherever. i'm willing to help with merging/qa of data, particularly round the auckland area, where there is plenty of existing good quality data. imo a lot of the akl data needs to be kept, rather than replaced. i'm prepared to carry out manual joining work at the interface, and manually fill in small gaps, where the odd road is missing
  • Acrosscanadatrails - I'm happy to be of assistance where possible to share ideas from the Canada data import process, experiences & methods.

A Note on Specific Data Layers

NZOGPS road data

While LINZ has roads they have known quality issues. It is planned that road data will come from the NZOGPS project and not from LINZ directly. the NZOGPS project orginally sourced its data from LINZ but this has been cleaned up significantly.

  • NZ Open GPS homepage
  • Improved road data layer as of Sept 2010 (shapefiles, etc)
  • Prepared .osm files (may be a bit out of date now)
  • Contact: Graeme Williams
  • NZOGPS source data is in Polish format, intended for Garmins. We have been producing routable maps for Garmin equipment since 2007. The data was based on a LINZ import initially but has had substantial editing, manipulation, and other value added data.
  • LINZ data on it's own is raw - it's road center lines only. A good example are roundabouts (not included in LINZ) or dual carriageway roads (shown as a single line in LINZ).
  • The NZOGPS data has been very modified and edited since 2007. It includes full routing data such as road direction, turn restrictions, road center lines of both lanes on dual carriageway roads (eg Fenton Street in Rotorua), other information like LINZ SUFI, street numbering, suburbs / town association.

LINZ topo v16 data

These are 166 vector map layers covering everything from topographic contour lines to waterfall positions to power pylons to high resolution vector coastline. A full set of roads and railways for the country are included. Basically these layers are everything that they use create the 1:50,000 printed topo maps.

This data is the core of what the linz2osm tool will be used to import. It is envisaged that we will add other data to the tool as time goes on.

Other Data Layers

LINZ Address Data

See LINZ/Address Import

Cadastral boundary imports

Any people particularly interested and/or know about the existing datasets, please put your names here

  • User:JoeRichards - would like to know more :)

-- which datasets in particular were you thinking about? Property boundaries + house numbers? Regional council borders?

Statistics New Zealand

Some other public domain shapefile data is available from the statistics office:

Information obtained from Statistics New Zealand may be freely used, reproduced, or quoted unless otherwise specified. In all cases Statistics New Zealand must be acknowledged as the source."

Local Council Data

Many local councils are now releasing data under permissive licenses. Feel free to add any specific layers to the New_Zealand_data_import_projects page.

For example, council building outlines from Auckland Council ([1]) and Wellington City Council ([2]).

Other Useful Layers for Checking

  • The LINZ website has 1:50,000 GeoTiffs of the new-series topo maps (NZTopo50) for download as GeoTiffs, as well as some aerial 2.5m orthophotos. They can be added to a WMS server, or more cheaply into a TMS server (Merkaartor only?).
Old NZMG 2.5m res. orthophotos can be georegistered using their topo map bounds (see .csv file on website). Adjust bounds by 1/2 a cell to correct for grid vs. cell-centre convention.
Marco in Italy has all the NZ nautical charts registered in BSB format as part of the kapgen project. (GDAL can read BSB)

Geographic area volunteers

(north to south)

Primarily people who would like to be involved in merging of the data in any particular area

North Island

  • Auckland (CBD) -
  • Hamilton
    • rcr - not local but traced large parts of Hamilton from Yahoo, happy to help get rid of these unnamed roads and import the real thing.
  • Wellington
    • Olly Betts - I live in the Hutt Valley and have done a fair bit of mapping there and around the greater Wellington area.
    • Leigh - I live in Whitby, and may be able to help review/QA merged data in Porirua area.
    • Howdystranger - I live in Te Aro/CBD. I've been importing lots of building data from the WCC.

South Island

  • Nelson
  • Motueka, Golden Bay & Abel Tasman area
    • Joe Richards - did a bit of mapping here, willing to help, but happy to have others join me
  • Christchurch & North Canterbury
    • rcr - been doing mapping based on imagery and gps around Rangiora and in ChCh, happy to help with importing and merging.
    • EliotB - live in south Christchurch
    • gerkin - (West CHCH) - have been busy with CHCH and Canterbury road, walking track & back-country mapping etc., happy to help with data checking/general dogs-body
  • South Canterbury
  • Queenstown (CBD)
    • Joe Richards - just the central areas and the drive to Glenorchy
    • GrantH - any parts of Queenstown District
  • Dunedin
    • Joe Richards - used to live here so I don't mind helping with merging central/north Dunedin
    • JAYSONHOOGY - currently living in Dunedin and enjoying improving the map in this area.


("bbox" is short for "bounding box", and is given in x for degrees longitude and y for degrees latitude. Southern and Western hemispheres get a negative sign. Thus bbox=west,south,east,north bounds)
OSM will not export data across the antimeridian in one blob - these need to be extracted as two separate pieces, and joined together (or not, as needs) at a later point. The Chatham Islands are on the opposite side of this line to the rest of New Zealand.



The Snares

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After the dance

  • Together with the contour data it would be great to make some TopOSM renderings
- TopOSM example
- TopOSM/Details
- TopOSM_howto
(but if you are just after pretty contour lines and hill shading, and don't really care about road names too much, you might as well just use to convert the LINZ NZTopo50 300dpi GeoTiff raster scans of the topo sheets into a WMS/TMS server and save yourself a lot of trouble...)
  • What other nice OSM → hardcopy tools are out there?
OSM on Paper

Previous discussions and notes

  • see the Talk page