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An artificial free flow waterway used for carrying superfluous water, usually lined with concrete. Edit or translate this description.
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Group: Waterways
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Use waterway=drain for artificial waterways, typically lined with concrete or similar, used to carry superfluous water like storm water or grey-discharge.

See also waterway=ditch for simpler non-lined artificial drainage ditches. For artificial waterways created for carrying useful water or for transport consider using waterway=canal.

How to map

See also: Waterways

Create a linear way in the direction of flow, connecting the ends appropriately to other waterway elements to create a routable network. If a flow exists (or it could exist), the direction of the way must be downstream (i.e. the way direction follows the flow). If the drain discharges into another drain, stream, a river, or other waterway or into the ocean, sea, or similar you should make sure both are connected through a shared node.

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