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Public-images-osm logo.svg leisure = shooting_ground
Kibworth Shooting Ground - geograph.org.uk - 587863.jpg
A place where shooting enthusiasts can practice a range of disciplines.
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Shooting grounds are areas dedicated to a range of shooting disciplines: skeet, clay-pigeon, air and rifle ranges. They usually consist of a mix of regularly laid out zones (some which can be tagged with leisure=pitch, and the relevant discipline using {{tag|shooting|*))), shooting ranges for rifle, pistol (not in UK) and air-gun, and one or more mixed terrain areas for 'event shooting'.

In general this tag is preferable to the use of leisure=pitch with sport=shooting for the following reasons: pitches are a) in general flat and covered by grass or an artificial substitute; b) have a regular defined layout; and c) are safe to walk across when out of use.


Tagging scheme for leisure=shooting_ground
Tag Notes
name=* Name of the shooting ground
access=* Use access tags to describe the allowed or preferred level of access. Most shooting grounds are owned and operated privately, whether as a for-profit enterprise or by a membership gun or shooting club. Access is therefore restricted to members & customers. Additionally access is controlled for safety reasons.
amenity=* Most shooting grounds will have a catering option: either a cafe or restaurant. If the location of this is known map this separately.
shop=sports Most shooting grounds will also a shop selling shooting consumables, clothing, accessories and sometimes guns. depending on the range of stock this might be tagged If the location of this is known map this separately.

In general the area of the shooting ground should be mapped, only if this is not possible should a node be used.


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