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A freight station Edit or translate this description.
Group: Railways
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Freight stations are railway stations without passenger traffic where freight trains are loaded or unloaded, cars of freight trains separated by their destination etc.

These stations can vary in their size—from small stations which are just former passenger stations with a spur track to huge stations with multiple marshalling yards, hump yards, container terminals, locomotive depot which are several kilometers long.

How to map

Set a node node in the middle of the freight station (not on a track) and add railway=yard.

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Other Station Types

There are other types of railway stations, don't mess them up.

  • If the freight station has also platforms and passenger trains stop there, use railway=station. If the passenger section is a tiny halt next to a large freight station, map it as a separate railway=halt and the large freight station as railway=yard.
  • If the station just used for overtaking, train crossings, changes of the locomotive and not for (un)loading of freight trains or to composite new freight trains, use railway=service_station instead.
  • If it is just a spur track which forks from the main line, use railway=spur_junction.

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