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Public-images-osm logo.svg railway = yard
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A rail yard or freight station Show/edit corresponding data item.
Group: railways
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The tag railway=yard is mainly used to map a rail yard (aka railway yard or railroad yard), which is a series of rail tracks used for storing or sorting railway wagons and locomotives.

This tag has also been used for mapping freight-only stations, which are railway stations without passenger traffic where freight trains are loaded or unloaded, and which are often found in a rail yard. Please note that this practice is not common for all countries. It will be a good idea to observe in database and/or consult local community about the way how freight stations are mapped in this country. For example, in Russia all stations (both passenger & freight) are mapped as railway=station, and railway=yard is used only for rail yards which are parts of larger station.

These yards can vary in their size, from small freight stations which are just former passenger stations with a spur track, to huge yards with multiple marshalling tracks, hump yards, container terminals, and locomotive depots which are several kilometers long.

How to map

Set a node node in the middle of the freight yard or station and add railway=yard.

You can also map the area with landuse=railway, if this is clearly defined.


  • railway:yard:size=* for the size of the yard. Possible values are small/medium/large/very large.
Yard OSM Bing Maps
Small Tampa, Florida Link Link
Medium Panama City, Florida Link Link
Large Kornwesthein, Germany Link Link
Very Large Waycross, Georgia Link Link
Possible values
Value Meaning Bing Maps Example
maintenance Maintenance of rail vehicles Bing Maps
intermodal Is the yard used for container handling? Bing Maps
transloading Is the yard used for loading/unloading rail vehicules? Bing Maps
automobile Is the yard used for (un)loading automobiles? Bing Maps
storage Is the yard used for storage of rail vehicles? Bing Maps
manifest Is the yard used for switching/sorting wagonload freight? Bing Maps

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