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Larabanga, Northern, Ghana

latitude: 9.216667, longitude: -1.85
Browse map Larabanga 9°13′00.00″ N, 1°51′00.00″ W
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Larabanga is a city in Northern, Ghana at latitude 9°13′00.00″ North, longitude 1°51′00.00″ West.


All Satellite images available are very out of date. So please do not modify map data in relation to them unless you're in the town. But as work is ongoing (at least until August 31, 2018) using Field Papers (aysnch) communication, please provide details of ALL changes (if you must make them) to 'RCD49' (OSM user). Thank you.


Support for education and education infrastructure: 2006-2016

Community-run tourism development. Project now (04/2018) underway based on complete mapping of town and surrounding area in cooperation with local support group. (MAPPING is ONGOING in 2018. PLEASE: Do not add any mapping details or make any OSM changes! Available satellite images are very outdated! This project is using up-to-date Field Papers feedback from local group. Thank you for not adding or changing map data in and immediately around the town until at least 31. August 2018. For all inquiries, contact OSM user RCD49

==> You can help, however, if you have recent images for updating Nabori, Mole Park reception/hotel area and Mognori!)