Lebanon/Beirut Mapping Party/Organization

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Mapping Party Organization

Check Mapping Weekend Howto for helpful advice on the planning.


SMEX is generously covering t-shirts and flyers printing costs.

Next actions

Promotion Step 1

Task Responsible Status
Design OSM Lebanon logo Bmichel Done
Design promotional flyer Bmichel Done
Design mapping party T-Shirt Bmichel Done
Ask about T-Shirt printing costs Jessica28 Done
Think about potential participants from the media Jessica28 In works

Promotion Step 2

Task Responsible Status
Print T-Shirts Jessica28 Done
Get in touch with IT groups Bmichel Done
Put on upcoming.org Bmichel Done
Create a Facebook group Jessica28 Done
Create Facebook event Bmichel Done


Task Responsible Status
Plan mapping party day schedule. - -
Think about how to introduce newcomers to mapping, maybe an introductory course before the mapping starts or paper instructions. Bmichel In works
Divide area into manageable pieces by groups of 2-3 mappers. Ideally there should be one knowledgeable mapper in each group, so he/she can help out the rest. Bmichel In works
Security concerns? Be ready just in case. - -