Lick Creek Park

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Lick Creek Park, Texas

latitude: 30.56385, longitude: -96.217
Browse map of Lick Creek Park 30°33′49.86″ N, 96°13′01.20″ W
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Lick Creek Park is a park in Texas at latitude 30°33′49.86″ North, longitude 96°13′01.20″ West.

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Lick Creek Park

Lick Creek Park is a 515 acre nature park located south of College Station at 13600 East Rock Prairie Road.

Park Rules

1. Stay on Trails

2. Do not cross fences

3. Advertising is prohibited

4. Park closes at dark

5. Dogs must be under voice control

6. All wildlife is protected

7. It is unlawful to litter

8. It is unlawful to cut or destroy vegetation

9. All vehicles must park in designated areas

10. All firearms, airguns, crossbows, bows & arrows are prohibited

11. No campfires

12. No camping

13. No off-road vehicles


Deer Run, Crushed Stone - Pedestrian, Equestrian, Bike 1.64 Miles

Iron Bridge Trail, Natural - Pedestrian, Equestrian, Bike 1.19 Miles

Post Oak Trail, Natural Stone - Pedestrian, Equestrian, Bike .89 Mile

Raccoon Run, Natural - Pedestrian .83 Mile

Yaupon Loop, Natural - Pedestrian .40 Mile

If you plan your hike right, you can hike all the trails with only a little back tracking have a nice, two hour, 5+ mile hike.

Park Map

Map of College Station Parks.

Map of Lick Creek Park trails.

Park brochure.

Park Web Site