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Linton, South Derbyshire

latitude: 52.75, longitude: -1.59
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Linton is a village in South Derbyshire at latitude 52°45′00.00″ North, longitude 1°35′24.00″ West.

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The roads have now been mapped, mostly using OS StreetView. A proper survey would be desirable to map amenities, shops and other features which are not present on the OS StreetView maps.

Streets in Linton

The table below gives details of progress of mapping the roads in Linton. The street names, road reference numbers and grid references are taken from OS OpenData Locator (see Ordnance_Survey_Opendata).

Please help to improve and update this table, which will help identify the remaining mapping work to be done.

Streets should be marked as mapped only when the full length of the street is mapped, and it is named. If the name in OpenStreetMap differs from that in the OS data, please note this in the notes field - the difference between the names could be a result of the OS's error rather than ours so don't change it on OpenStreetMap without visiting the street to check which is correct. Adding the date of when something was last mapped or checked could also be helpful in the future to identify whether data could be out-of-date.

Abbreviations/codes/terms used in the table

  • OSL - indicates that the name was derived from OS OpenData Locator rather than by survey.
  • OSSV - mapped only by tracing over Ordnance Survey Opendata StreetView, instead of by a survey. It would be useful to carry out a proper survey of these streets in the future, to verify that the street exists and is correctly mapped on OS StreetView, and to map details which are missing from OS StreetView (eg whether the street is one-way, other restrictions).
  • Not present - indicates that there were no shops, amenities etc present on that road at the time of mapping.
  • No addresses - no buildings have an address on that particular road.

Street name Ref Grid ref Street mapped Amenities mapped Addressing Notes
BURTON ROAD A444 SK 28904 16612 Yes
CAULDWELL ROAD SK 26932 16718 Yes (OSL)
CEDAR GROVE SK 27420 16609 OSSV (4/2010)
CHARLTON CLOSE SK 27502 16462 OSSV (4/2010)
CHESTERFIELD DRIVE SK 27177 16586 OSSV (4/2010)
COLLIERY LANE SK 27627 15891 Yes (4/2010)
COTON PARK SK 26802 17930 Part OSSV (4/2010)
EMERY CLOSE SK 27705 16388 OSSV (4/2010)
GREEN LANE SK 28606 15577
GREENFIELD DRIVE SK 27214 16694 OSSV (4/2010)
HELSTON CLOSE SK 27634 16343 OSSV (4/2010)
HIGH STREET SK 26838 16092 OSSV (4/2010)
HIGHFIELDS DRIVE SK 27051 16612 OSSV (4/2010)
HILLSIDE ROAD SK 27460 17087 Yes (OSL)
LINTON HEATH SK 28423 16499 Yes (OSL)
MAIN STREET SK 27727 16576 Yes (OSL)
PARK CLOSE SK 27446 16803 OSSV (4/2010)
PATRICK CLOSE SK 27754 16435 OSSV (4/2010)
PEAR TREE DRIVE SK 27369 16762 OSSV (4/2010)
PRINCESS AVENUE SK 27286 16485 OSSV (4/2010)
SEAL VIEW SK 27361 16608 OSSV (4/2010)
SEAL WOOD LANE SK 28001 15809 OSSV (4/2010) OS StreetView appears to show it as Sealwood Lane, but OS Locator gives Seal Wood Lane.
SYCAMORE CLOSE SK 27663 16488 Yes
THE CLOSE SK 27142 16450 OSSV (4/2010)
THE CREST SK 27251 16572 OSSV (4/2010)
THE SCOTTS SK 27766 17468 OSSV (4/2010)
WARREN DRIVE SK 27008 16610 OSSV (4/2010)
WEATHERN FIELD SK 27950 16278 OSSV (4/2010)
WINCHESTER DRIVE SK 27570 16495 OSSV (4/2010)
WINDSOR ROAD SK 27709 16432 OSSV (4/2010)