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The OSGeo foundation is planning to have a booth at LinuxTag 2007 and OSM is invited to join them there. LinuxTag is the largest European Open Source expo. It takes place in Berlin, Germany this year between Wednesday, Mai 30th and Saturday, June 2nd (four days).

Here is the Wiki page of the OSGeo for planning the booth: [1]

Details will be worked out over the next weeks. Please edit this wiki page with any support you can give. Contact Ralf Zimmermann if you have any questions.

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Wednesday, 30-May

OSM at the OSGeo booth at LinuxTag 2007

Yesterday, we did set up the booth. Today was the first visitors day. Overall, it was a big success. We had lots of interest from visitors. We even got visited by German TV, they say they will broadcast a short episode about OSM on Sunday, 03-Jun at 16:30 on 3sat (German TV). They had a part about LinuxTag, but nothing about OSM in it. Most of the time they showed new Linux Distibutions.

A quick server statistics of the mapnik tile stats shows that 1.1M tiles were served this day, which is higher than ever recorded so far (preceding week had the daily average of 860k tiles served per day).

Timeline / Dates

07-May Deadline to supply information about OSM to LinuxTag organisation:

  • Project description (done)
  • Logos in vector and bitmap format (done)

21-May Deadline for poster design (done, received the printed posters)

29-May Setup booth
We will probably start to put up the OSM part of the booth around 17:00:

  • Fix posters
  • Setup and test computer

02-Jun Starting 18:30: Dismantle booth


We need people to man the booth for four days. Please put your name down here.

  • Frank Mohr I will probably be at LinuxTag the whole time, part time available for booth duty.
  • Ralf Zimmermann I am planning to be at LinuxTag the whole time. A part of the time I can spend for booth duty.
  • Jörg Ostertag will be partly available for booth duty.
  • Jeroen Dekkers I will be at LinuxTag Thursday and Friday. Partly available for booth duty.
  • User:Josy (Michael J) I am planning to be at LinuxTag on Saturday. A part of the time I can spend for booth duty.


Booth for the four projects - OSM being one of them

We are sharing the booth with three other projects.

We will have one podest (50x50x130cm, width x depth x height) which is open to one side. We can put the computer into this podest and put the TFT on top of it.


  • Podest can carry two or three posters, maximum width 50cm. Best size would probably be 50x70cm (width x height).
  • One large poster for the wall at the back of the booth would be good. Proposed size is 100x140cm (width x height).
  • One poster could be fixed at the back of the TFT monitor. Proposed size is 45x45cm (width x height).

A preview of the poster designs can be found here: [2]


List of needed equipment:

  • 1x Computer (Notebook or Desktop) - Joerg
    • JOSM installed
    • USB port for downloading data from GPS
    • Large TFT display - Joerg
  • 1x 100MB Ethernet switch (8-port) - Ralf
  • 1x 10m Ethernet cable - Ralf
  • 1x 5m Ethernet cable - Ralf
  • 230V extension cable, 10m - Ralf
  • 230V distribution, at least 4-way - Ralf
  • A few GPS receivers for lending to interested users

Anything else needed to represent OSM? Ideas are welcome.


One idea would be to do some mapping during the LinuxTag in order to improve the OSM coverage of Berlin. These mapping activities would be a good way of showing how to edit OSM data with JOSM.


Video-interview mit beim Linuxtag

OSM at LinuxTag