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This is a list of CartoCSS projects you can use to style data in Tilemill.

Name/Description Link Licence Comment
OpenStreetMap Carto, the standard OSM style CC0
HOT style CC0
OpenStreetMap Carto German (fork of the standard OSM style) CC0
OpenStreetMap Carto French (fork of the standard OSM style) CC0
OpenRiverboatMap WTFPL
OSM Swiss Style Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International
Federal Geographic Data Committee Cartographic Standard for Geologic Maps ?
Cassini-like style ?
Copenhagen bike route map Mozilla Public License, v. 2.0 Project no longer exists but style is still available
OSM Bright A Mapbox permissive(?) licence
OSM Lyrk (fork of the OSM Bright Style) ?
Blossom, based on OSM Bright and Pandonia ?
Veloroad, medium-zoom bike map for printing WTFPL
CyclOSM, cycle oriented CartoCSS style BSD-3
Pianoforte, generic purpose map in two flavours CC0
OpenRailwayMap GPLv3