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Humanitarian style.png
Authors: Yohan Boniface,Anne Mattler,Jaakko Helleranta,Will Skora and other contributors
Slippy map:,
Style website: hotosm/HDM-CartoCSS
Style license: CC0 1.0

CartoCSS project focused on the Humanitarian Data Model

Humanitarian map style is one of the featured tiles available on To see it click on the right icon "Layers" and select "Humanitarian". It can also be browsed at . The servers for tile rendering and storage are provided by OpenStreetMap France. The stylesheet was designed by Yohan Boniface and others in the Humanitarian OSM Team, and is available on github with a CC0 license.

This map style is focused on resources useful for humanitarian organizations and citizens in general in emergency situations, highlighting POIs like water resources (water wells, manual pumps, fire hydrants...), light sources, public buildings, social buildings, roads quality, etc. The colors used are light, so people can print them and then draw and write on top of the map easily without getting confused too much (this is a useful feature for humanitarian organizations to update the information on the printed map in situations like a earthquake, for example).

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