List of US railroad subdivisions

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This list is far from complete and will frequently be updated. You can help!

It's 100 % manually sourced. As reference maps from UP, BNSF and CSX may be used.

The main list is now at Wikipedia. It's easier to maintain there because I can convert my table by one step into wikitext.

Visualizations with Overpass Turbo

  • Southern Transcon This is correct: it contains the proper 11 subdivisions. However, OSM data may not be correct in Kansas City between the eastern end of Emporia Subdivision near Santa Fe Jct. and Congo Jct. at the west end of Marceline Subdivision. US government ( rail data name Kansas City Terminal RR's subdivision here simply "Main Tracks." Now (late 2018) segments of KCT have been added to the eastern end of the Emporia Subdivision (to Congo Jct.) "closing" this missing gap of about 15 km. (Rail is quite complicated around Kansas City). If you know or have better data, please help fix this!
  • Northern Transcon This is correct as far west as Spokane, Washington. However, at Latah Jct, the route splits into two main routes, one using mostly old Great Northern Railway directly to Seattle, the other using mainly the former Spokane, Portland and Seattle Railway route (also a large section of former Northern Pacific Railway route) to Portland, Oregon via Pasco and Vancouver, Washington, then it travels north to Seattle. This includes a sort of loop, double-routing that includes Everett - Seattle - Tacoma - Vancouver - Portland, Oregon. One way to say this is that the Northern Transcon gets to Portland, twice, from Spokane. Please fix the OT query to include these segments.

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