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In the Republic of Ireland, geographical features and locations have Irish and English names. The authoritative source of Irish names is the Placenames Branch of the Department of Community, Rural and Gaeltacht Affairs. In September 2009, the Placenames Branch agreed for its data to be used in OpenStreetMap.


The import effort is coordinated by Mackerski, Undo and IrlJidel. Data is provided by the Logainm project. At this point, we have a verbal agreement but are still awaiting written confirmation and clarification of the exact attribution requirements. Data will then be imported in stages. As a proof of concept, we are currently preparing to import the Irish street names for the town of Nenagh.


Key Value Discussion
name:ga a name Irish name imported from Logainm
logainm:id Logainm ID ID of the imported Logainm dataset for easier cross-referencing and updating
logainm:name-ga-signposted a name (optional) The Irish name as seen on the ground. When importing, any existing value of name:ga=* is copied here first.

A better name should be found for this tag.

logainm:name-ga a name Irish name imported from Logainm, stored here for easy comparison with logainm:name-ga-signposted=*
logainm:match perfect / fuzzy To find the correct Logainm dataset to import, matches between one of name=*, name:en=*, name:ga=* and either an English or Irish name given by Logainm are sought. Perfect matches are found automatically. A fuzzy match is one where slight spelling differences were reconciled manually.

This tag needs more work.