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OSMLondoners at a pub near Smithfields

This was a series of London pub meet-ups etc over the summer 2012.

Following on from this we have...

London/Winter 2012-2013 Pub Meetups

(Kicking off the winter events on November 1st. Details now on the other wiki page ^^^^)

We're done with this wiki page. Follow that new page, or and the general London#Events list and follow Twitter user@OSMlondon

The events

This series of events followed on from London/Winter 2011-2012 Pub Meetup

Area Pub upcoming/
What happened?
May 22nd Shoreditch The Strongroom Bar [1] Derick's animation video!. photos. harry diary entry
Jun 7th Bishopsgate Crosse Keys [2] cake, photos, harry diary entry
July 4th Smithfields Butchers Hook & Cleaver [3] cake +, photos, harry diary entry
July 19th Chancery Lane area Penderel’s Oak [4] cake, photos
Sep 3-5 UCL Society of Cartographers conference
Sep 5 UCL The ICA Commission on Neocartography
Sep 25 Paddington Monkey Puzzle [5] cake photo, photo, harry diary
Oct 11 Hoxton Wenlock Arms [6] [7] cake . Alex photos. harry diary

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