London/Winter 2011-2012 Pub Meetup

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OSMLondoners at the Christmas Party 2011

This was a series of London pub meet-ups over the winter 2011-2012.

Following on from this we have...

London/Summer 2012 events

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The events

This series of events followed on from London/Summer 2011 mapping parties

Area Pub upcoming/
What happened?
Nov 8th Paddington Monkey Puzzle [1] photos + harry diary entry
Nov 19th (Brighton mapping party)
Nov 24th UCL (#geomob)
Nov 26th/27th mapquest offices [2] (Hack Weeked photos
Nov 30th Waterloo Mulberry Bush [3] photos + harry diary entry
Dec 17th Fleet St Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese [4] [5] Christmas Party 2011 photos + harry diary entry
Jan 12th Paddington Monkey Puzzle [6] [7] photos + harry diary entry
Feb 9th Holborn Penderel's Oak [8] [9] photos + harry diary entry
Feb 11th Weybridge The Ship Hotel [10] Weybridge Mapping Party Feb 2012
Feb 29th Oxford Street Blue Posts [11] [12] photos harry diary entry
Mar 15th Fleet Street Olde Cheshire Cheese [13] [14] photos harry diary entry

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