London/Winter 2010-2011 Pub Meetup

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A series of London pub meet-ups over the winter 2010-2011. These events are now past events, but fear not... they are being followed by London/Summer 2011 mapping parties! (Note: details of "The London Streets Challenge" have been moved to that page)

Previous events

This series of events followed on from London/Summer 2010 mapping parties and is being followed by London/Summer 2011 mapping parties ...see how that works? For the current situation refer back to London#Events

Date (2010-11) Area Pub upcoming What happened?
23rd Nov Paddington Monkey Puzzle [1] photos + harry diary entry
8th Dec Smithfields/Brick Ln The Ten Bells [2] photos + harry diary entry
17th Dec Oxford St The Blue Posts [3] Christmas Party 2010 London - photos on flickr + harry diary entry
6th Jan Paddington/Bayswater The Daniel Gooch [4] photos + harry diary entry
27th Jan Oxford St The Blue Posts [5] photos + harry diary entry
7th Feb Euston Euston Tap photos + harry diary entry
23rd Feb Waterloo Mulberry Bush [6] photos + harry diary entry
10th Mar Fulham So Bar, Lloyds No.1 Bar photos
24th Mar Paddington Monkey Puzzle [7] no photos + harry diary entry
2nd & 3rd Apr Warren St AOL office London Hack weekend April 2011 - photos on flickr

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