London/Winter 2014-2015 events

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This was a series of London pub meet-ups over the winter 2014-2015.

This was followed by London/Summer 2015 events

This followed on from London/Summer 2014 events

Area Pub lanyrd What happened?
28th Oct Clerkenwell Skills Matter eb Missing Maps Party October 2014 HOT event.
31st Oct Kings X British Library eb 'Gotta Tag 'Em All!' - a digital maps Halloween tag-a-thon
7th Nov Bloomsbury LSHTM Missing Maps London Launch Party
7th Nov Kings X Guardian Offices Missing Maps Guardian Mapping
3rd Dec Bloomsbury UCL eb MyAccessible.EU Wheelmap mapping party + Drinks South Bank
15th Dec Clerkenwell Wallacespace eb Missing Maps Party London December 2014
18th Dec Paddington Monkey Puzzle [1] Christmas Party! photos
7th Jan Holborn Penderel's Oak [2] Pub meet-up no photos :-(
8th Jan Fenchurch Accenture Offices Humanitarian Missing Maps Project event,
13th Jan Bloomsbury UCL [3] geomob
22nd Jan City Crosse Keys [4] Pub meet-up. photos
27th Jan Moorgate British Red Cross Offices - Humanitarian Missing Maps Project event,
3rd Feb Oxford St Blue posts [5] Pub meet-up. photos
12 Feb The Strand Aimia Offices - Humanitarian Missing Maps Project event,
18th Feb Kings X The Parcel Yard [6] Pub meet-up. Forgot to take photos
24th Feb Bloomsbury Arup offices 'eb Humanitarian Missing Maps Project event,
3rd Mar Trafalgar Sq Lord Moon of Mall [7] Pub meet-up. photos
19th Mar Shoreditch Campus London [8] Geomob including a talk by Felix Lamouroux developer of Trails App
25th Mar Holborn Penderel's Oak [9] Mapping Planning Meeting. photos