London Hack Day Feb 2008

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This is a Past event which took place in February 2008

OSM Hacking Day, London, Feb 2008

  • When? Saturday Feb 23rd, 10am
  • Where? Riverbank House, One Putney Bridge Approach, SW6 3JD Putney, London
  • What? A day to spend hacking (developing) OSM code with your fellow contributors. Come along and help improve the OSM codebase -- everything from editing, and API to rendering. Pick your own topic...
  • Who? You!

Who attended

What happened?

The idea was that everybody picked a subject they wanted to spend the day on, and brought a goal. Everybody hacked away, asked questions, worked together, learn about how things work, and showed off their efforts.

Some goals/things we achieved, or may have achieved