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This import project is the successor of M-NCPPC_Planning_Department and will include multiple data sets from the Planning Department of Prince George's County, including building outlines and address nodes.


Types of Data

Buildings (polygons)

  • Will be merged with address point files in order to give the buildings proper tags.
  • This will be split into many pieces following the WSSC Grids in order to create manageable file sizes.
  • These two actions will be done in ArcPro.

Data is obtained from http://gisdata.pgplanning.org/metadata/

Example Dataset for import: WSSC Grid 204NE09


Link to waiver as of April 2023




Communicating with the import mailing lists and other OSM community members to address import question

The Plan

  1. Prepare files to be imported
    • Reduce GIS attributes to only OSM necessary tags
    • If necessary, simplify geometry
    • Break large files into smaller sections (buildings polygon file) using WSSC Grids
    • Join buildings file with address file
  2. Communicate with talk-us and import mailing lists to discuss the import
  3. Proceed with rest of files over a period of time
    1. Importing Building outlines by WSSC Grid
    2. Used Conflate Plugin from the JOSM Editor in order to fix duplicate points
    3. Validator in JOSM will be used before each import
  4. After successful imports a QC process using JOSM validator will be used to QC each WSSC Grid


Example: Building Outline Shape File → OSM Standards

GIS Attribute Names OSM Tags
ADDRESS_NUM addr:housenumber=*
STREET addr:street=*
CITY addr:city=*
STATE addr:state=*
ZIPCODE addr:postcode=*
HEIGHT height=*
ROOFTYPE roof:shape=*

New Attributes that need to be added:


These field names/tags will be changed or added within the JOSM editor. Any additional fields will not be imported. Height was converted from feet to meters in ArcPro.


Using JOSM's conflate plugin, I can update /clean-up potentially existing data for POI points.

For polygon data such as buildings a comparison has been done using tools in ArcPro between existing OSM data and data from PG Atlas (Data source) to determine if buildings overlap existing buildings in OSM. A separate shapefile has been created of only new buildings. For any overlapping buildings we will manually go through the intersecting buildings in JSOM using the conflate plugin.



editor: System-users-3.svgM-NCPPC_Import (on osm)