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This is a page to coordinate improving/verifying the details of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (aka the T) on OSM.

More content to come.

Existing transit routes

(unverified if they are properly tagged, or complete, etc.)

  • relation MBTA Green Line (E)
    • name="MBTA Green Line (E): Heath Street → North Station"
    • name="MBTA Green Line (E): North Station → Heath Street"
  • relation MBTA Franklin Line
  • name="MBTA Franklin Line: Boston South <=> Back Bay <=> Forge Park"
  • name="MBTA Franklin Line: Boston South <=> Fairmount <=> Foxboro"
  • relation MBTA Mattapan Trolley
  • name="MBTA Mattapan Trolley: Ashmont → Mattapan"
  • name="MBTA Mattapan Trolley: Mattapan → Ashmont"
  • relation MBTA Orange Line
    • name="MBTA Orange Line: Forest Hills → Oak Grove"
    • name="MBTA Orange Line: Oak Grove → Forest Hills"
  • relation MBTA Red Line (there are four route relations tagged with Red -- they should get distinct ref tags)
    • name="MBTA Red Line: Alewife → Ashmont"
    • name="MBTA Red Line: Alewife → Braintree"
    • name="MBTA Red Line: Ashmont → Alewife"
    • name="MBTA Red Line: Braintree → Alewife"

public_transport relations missing a ref tag

route relations missing a ref tag

route_master relations missing a ref tag

Routes we're planning on trying to improve soon

See also